Saturday, April 29, 2017

Single Serving is so 1999

Unless it's coffee


     Jack sits next to a BUSINESSMAN.  As they have idle
     HANDS set coffee down with a small container of cream.

                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Everywhere I travel -- tiny life.
                 Single-serving sugar, single-serving
                 cream, single pat of butter.

                                                      CUT TO:

     HANDS place a dinner tray down.

                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit.


     Jack brushes his teeth in the MIRROR.

                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Shampoo/conditioner combo.  Single-
                 serving mouthwash, tiny bar of soap.

     Jack picks up an individual, wrapped Q-TIP, looks at it.  He
     moves out of the bathroom into...


     Jack sits on the bed.  He turns on the TV.  It's tuned to
     the "Sheraton Channel," shows WAITERS serving people in a
     large BANQUET ROOM.  Jack stops brushing his teeth, feels
     something on the bed, lifts it -- a small DINNER MINT.

Yeah enough of that... but that's how I feel about a lot of the current CC for The Sims 4.  The same dress in 8080808080 separate recolors, over 30 days.  Or one single item (maybe a small set of 3) released daily behind 52 ad*ly links.

To be honest, I don't see what the problem is with The Sims 4 game on its own (like so many others do).  It runs smoothly, loads in less than a minute - even with my current CC folder at 3.38 GB with 1,163 files.  It was around 8 GB but I recently deleted over half of my CC and it still ran fine.

It's not perfect but The Sims 4 base game was by far the most superior of all four games, even without toddlers, design tool, etc.

When a friend first introduced me to The Sims 1, I thought it was ridiculous, only because you couldn't put together a matching living room, bedroom or kitchen set.  Then I found out about CC and I spent countless hours building and playing and it became my favorite game.

When The Sims 2 was released, I felt pretty much the same and eagerly waited for CC to start being released because again, nothing matched, but the game play was fantastic, especially with every new expansion and lots of CC.

When The Sims 3 was released, I immediately started my blog and wanted to gather as much CC as possible and the CC was amazing.  But after several expansions, the game ran horribly.  Sims would stand around and get stuck for hours or even days (Sims time obviously) very little interaction between them, so after hours of building and designing a house, the game play sucked and I just kept waiting for The Sims 4 to be released.  I recently stripped down my Sims 3 CC folder down to 1.71 GB from around 10 GB and it still doesn't have the quick loading times like The Sims 4.  It does seem a bit better and Sims seem to interact more, so I'm not sure if there was an update/fix for that since I've only opened the game twice since The Sims 4 was released.

So anyway, that's where I've been.  Working on a new blog that will be more of a catalog of creators and their work.  The new blog will focus more on Maxis Match CC, maybe with a weekly post with CC out of the realm.  There will be no "updates here" section since everything will be what I want to post.  I will not post anything with ad*ly, or even shortest, since that seems to be going the same route as ad*ly. And I will most likely ignore sets broken up into multiple separate posts - desperate for hits.  Of course sites that use malicious/aggressive ads demanding you to turn off your adblock can seriously GFT as well.  I don't mind turning off adblock for sites that use Google ads or safe ads in general.

The new blog is called 4 Sims Four and it will be just that.  You can't view the blog just yet, since I am still working on it.  I'm not sure when exactly I will be back with the new blog but it will be soon.  Right now I'm making as much money as possible doing Lyft, so I can take the second half of the year off and enjoy the summer and holidays before going back to work in January.  

So here's a little preview of the new blog.  See you soon. :)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Super Comfy Bedding Recolors by CabSim

IKEA Office Set by MXIMS

Baking Clutter by Sandy

Link and Zelda Hair + Accessories by BlogSimpleSimmer

Omali Toddler's Bedroom Set by JomSims

Wyatt Place House and Newcrest Trolley Station by Jenba

Maxine Hair - 2 Versions by SheSpeaksSimlish

Vicky Top by MeeyouX

Open Door for chosen Sims by LittleMsSam

Hello everyone,

this little tuning Mod adds a SimPicker to the Unlock Door Pie Menu.

Don't upload this mod on other sites without permission

Checked with Game Version ><

With the SimPicker you can choose up to 20 Sims including Sims who are not in the Household.

The Door is then unlocked for the chosen Sims and the Active Sim.

TS3 Top, Jacket and Jeans Conversions by OwlPlumbob

Pullover Hoodie by WitchHammers

Lemonade Hair by Leah Lillith

Flowering Grass Replacement by Biames

Clothing by DeerSolar

Unlocked Box 'o Junk + Deco by Bakie

Unlocked Box 'o Junk + deco version
After my previous video about the 15 unlocked snow globes, I thought that it maybe would be nice to have the Box 'o Junk, Read: snow globe spawner, in buy mode too.
So I unlocked it and also made a deco version of it. The Deco version is also made able to be placed on surfaces. I also changed the original 4-tile footprint to a more reasonable 1-tile footprint.

Object information:
City Living Expansion Pack required.
It's a standalone object, so it won't overwrite any other objects in game.
You can find the Box 'o Junk under Buy mode > Decoration > Misc OR type Junk into the search bar.
You can recognize it by my "BG logo" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.
The cost are: 2 Simoleons

Cele-Woop Top by Nibbsnz

Deflighted Top Recolors by StandardHeld

City Living Hair Recolors by WMS

Pinnacle Rock and Waterfall by Snowhaze